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Our challenge was to find solutions to the following issues:


Link system pipework to district heating directions. 

Heat meters refit to optimize operation.

Refit portable and other water service meters to proactively manage leaks and failures.

Reprogram meter reading system software to optimise performance.


Using our expertise in this field, we set about logically tackling one issue at a time, working closely with the customer and their client.




At all times we had to work in partnership with the building managers, the client and the main contractor to co-ordinate and carry out:


  • The upgrade all 176 water meters

  • Resolution of network data transmission from the 176-heat metering and cooling networks

  • Upgrade of the head-end to control to read the system allowing it to process data effectively.

  • Complete the acceptance testing procedure with Land Securities and achieve sign off for our client.




Operationally the site upgrades permitted it to qualify for the acceptance testing phase and sign-off, which it passed. This automatically saved Balfour Beatty from having to face financial penalties which could have run into millions.


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