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Challenge Rectified


Connect to the mainline, district cooling network, transporting chilled water through the building from top floor to basement, and into air handling units located in the server mainframe basement rooms within the council offices, whilst the offices remained fully functional and above all, without any interruption from the power supply .

Additionally, an upgrade of the redundant faulty hot water, Heat Interface Unit (HIU) with a bespoke HIU.


Operational Benefits


  1. A fully operational cooling system, transporting chilled water throughout the building, all without any disruption to normal office business hours and critically, to the power supply, whilst simultaneously protecting Council staff welfare, managing areas of the budget to eliminate crossover expenditure, and delivering security solutions and performance indicators.

  2. An upgraded hot water HIU with a bespoke HIU system.

Cost Benefits


Among other savings and modifications to the scope of works, we were able to provide savings by using pre-insulated pipe rather than the specified materials. Savings amounted to some 3% (approx. £5000 pa) of the project costs and reduced the on-site time by 24 hours (2 working shifts). The project came in on target cost without requiring any use of the contingency figure.


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