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Titan Group


We were approached by Titan Group to look at a project in Stratford which was midway through completion. The site consisted of 180 apartments which needed the MBUS heat meters reinstated and network brought into operation with a local head end.

Titan were experiencing many issues with their network and were unable to rectify the problems faced.


Upon inspection of the site the following issues were noticed and needed to be actioned:

  • Batteries on meters were very low or failing

  • The MBUS needed re-caballing to allow data to transmit back to the master

  • The hardware addressing of the meters themselves would not allow data to freely transmit and also caused network crashes

  • Some meters or probes needed reinstallation to allow the meter to operate

  • Some Meters were not sealed

  • No head end in place and needed to be installed and set up


  • First of all we needed to put a plan in place to logically address the problems with the meters and network which had to work in the following order:

  • Batteries needed to be replaced

  • The addressing needed to be reinstated according to our MBUS re-addressing plan

  • Probes and flow sections need to be checked and rectified

  • Meters then needed to be checked commissioned and sealed

  • The master unit needed to be fitted into the basement to allow reading of the meters

  • Set up of head end on local PC (this is generally not advised due to the potential of data loss) but was insisted on by the client

  • Commissioning, handover and training of the system

Cost Benefits

​The client now has the means to bill all the tenants within the development to accumulate a revenue in excess of £80,000 per annum with a reliable and fault free system.​



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