Social Value & Integration

Social value seems to be a buzz word mentioned again and again & more often as we move forward through these times.

However what does it really mean in terms of how we tie it all together in the especially with the current Covid challenge ?

There is a definite shift in the need to view assets and dwellings remotely so social & private landlords can remotely view the statuses of all their assets at the touch of a button on any device, and if there is an emergency of looming fault they are promptly alerted not to mention early warning and isolation of water leaks.

In regards to residents, systems are needed that can be modular in design and adapt to future needs, so we thought let’s make it an easy journey by developing systems that intercommunicate and to give a holistic yet simple solution that can be easily installed, we believe that that with the abundance of technology lets use it in a way that gives us the optimum benefit and make it work for us, let’s bring efficiencies up and energy costs down let’s take some pressure off landlords and tenants in regards to energy costs and operational headaches

Therefore, would a holistic and modular approach, whilst realizing that all client needs are not the same be a positive step to real social value?

We would really love to hear about the challenges you face, please get in touch at or call 01582 797030

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