Sub-Metering Solutions

At Enerza we are smart about our energy metering solutions. Our intelligent systems give you greater control and reliable consumption data.

Enerza have a long history of providing bespoke  sub-metering solutions. Because we tailor make our solutions from code level all the way through to mechanical installation we are experts at solving and rectifying problems on the most challenging sites.

Meter data and correct installations are key to monitoring and measuring the performance of all developments whether commercial or industrial. 

It is vital to get the installation correct and reliable data flowing, far too often cost cutting in procurement leads to poor installation and unreliable, inaccurate data. This proves costly in the long run resulting in high tenant and development bills.

With the Enerza expertise we can change this by installing correctly and ensuring reliable data flows our systems have automated checks in place alerting us to any potential issue with high energy usage and even potential tampering.

P.A.I.R – Provide, Analyse, Innovate & Resolve

Armed with reliable data we can then innovate, optimize and control developments. This can lower end user bills, allowing customers to make savings and help the environment.

To go that further step for piece of mind we can also integrate Quantum which is a  smart home technology that can address building maintenance needs, help you tackle fuel poverty and ensure your tenants can track their energy usage, topping up pay as you go energy tariffs easily.

smart energy metering in commercial

Sub-Metering Services

Enerza’s remote reading systems are based on simplicity. By mounting or retrofitting a communication module in an electricity, heat, gas or water meter it is possible to upgrade one single installation or an entire meter installation quickly and easily for remote reading.

For reading via modem, M-Bus or LON-Works, Wmbus, MBUS, one single module is inserted into the meter. An even simpler solution is available via wireless reading of a radio module. Many meter types are supported.

Data is remotely collated and sent to a location of your choice. Either to a billing provider or to you. Credit billing is available if required.

Pinpoint algorithms find potential high usages and faults.

smart energy metering

Smarter Energy Metering Services

All meter types can be remotely read and results sent to your chosen recipients.

In addition to the services above we also offer meter management contracts to manage your stock and ensure readings are constant.

Fault pinpointing and rectification and management of existing systems.

Enerza specialises in providing a variety  of metering solutions from automatic remote meter readings to handheld solutions.

Should you require further integration, our software and hardware designers will be able to help.

To cater for client needs, we always use open protocols, not just for metering but for all the systems we provide.

Would you like to know more about our metering systems?

Our dedicated team will be happy to explain more about our approach.