The only Home hub you will ever need.

Invented & developed by
the Enerza team

The Enerza Quantum system is a revolutionary product from Enerza Solutions. Built in the present to cater for the future, and aimed at the end-user to deliver hi-tech, efficient solutions for all households.

Quantum was created from a vision to develop the most holistic system to make people’s lives easier with intuitive interfaces and ease of use, view information and have control at your fingertips.

Enerza Quantum widget screen

PAYG energy

Meter and energy usage

2 way messaging

Full ‘Over The Air’ updates

Mould and leak detection

IFTTT integration

Heating control and more in the pipeline…

The possibilities
are endless

Quantum can also be adapted for commercial applications such as offices and hotels.

Flexible and modular by design, Enerza Quantum allows you to build your system to suit your needs allowing you to pick your widgets and move forward. However if you need more or less widgets in the future not a problem..!

This can be done Over The Air..!