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Wandle Housing

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Wandle Housing had recurring failures and breakdowns from their Woodrow Court development. Enerza were tasked to remedy and optimize the communal system, whilst increasing up time and visibility.


The Woodrow development consists of 120 apartments with solar thermal, solar PV and a gas boiler powered communal system which was consistently suffering from failures and breakdowns causing low uptime and lack of visibility.


Firstly, the Enerza team looked at the site as a whole and formulated the best strategy going forward. We analysed Wandle housing’s requirement and noted the main issues they were facing as our aim is to make clients lives easier by doing what we do.

The first point of action was to immediately address the unreliability by balancing the network and bring in some basic control methodologies to bring the development to a level of steady-state operation, which included, pumps and boiler control and making the energy center work as one, rather than separate pieces of the plant.

Then we started to look at the details of how we can recommission and utilise the solar thermal and PV installations which were not operational.

Therefore, we decided that the best way forward would be to completely re-program the BMS controls to an optimised and finely controlled methodology. We achieved this by setting the boilers and associated equipment to run with the solar thermal and pv installations, thus reducing carbon and operational and energy costs.

The last step was to setup the Enerza optimum cloud for Woodrow, where Wandle can now have full visibility and full alarming on fault.

Operational benefits

The sites reliability has dramatically increased and tenant complaints have dropped considerably.

Wandle Housing can now see every aspect of the development and are able to drill down to individual components of the plant. There is also a much simpler overview and geo mapped visual to get a quick glance status update and performance views.

Wandle Housing were an absolute pleasure to work with and we appreciated their forward-thinking approach and vision which was demonstrated. This in turn, gives the Enerza team great encouragement to further push the boundaries of what is possible.

Cost benefits

Since the development had the changes implemented, the site is continuously saving ~20k+ per annum with an approximate payback of less than 2 years.

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