Sandwell Homes

Sandwell Homes

Enerza delivered a fantastic solution for a radio network site using wmbus & communicating back to a central reading system. With great installation and delivery we found the system works very well.


Sandwell is a metropolitan borough in the Black Country, made up of six towns – Oldbury, Rowley Regis, Smethwick, Tipton, Wednesbury and West Bromwich.

Located in the West Midlands, Sandwell borders, Birmingham, Dudley Borough, Walsall Borough and Wolverhampton.

We were approached by SBC Homes about a metering problem on one of the council’s developments in the Littleton Street area, to find a solution to meter reading problems.


The challenge faced was that the heat energy meters were quite dated and were not transmitting or calculating correctly, thus causing ineffective energy calculations.

Some tenants were vulnerable adults and a sensitive and tactful approach was essential in order to cause minimum disruption to the tenants.

Our engineers were instructed to keep working noise to a minimum and to take extra care of placement of tools and any other equipment to minimise risk of trips and falls.


After surveying the existing metering infrastructure, it became apparent that the meters needed replacing with more up to date units.

Having analysed the results of our radio survey, we decided to opt for Kamstrup 302 Energy meters with a radio WMBUS solution.

All meters were fitted without any setbacks within 1 week. The system was then setup and tested for constant read and handed over to the client. With just one hour of training the client was able to read the meters.

The biggest challenge at this installation was SBC homes IT policies, as there were a number of workarounds needed to allow the software to operate.

Some pipework modifications were needed to allow flow without cavitation pre meter, this was carried out and all meters were reading well without fault.

Operational benefits

After completing the installation the client was able to read all the meters with no further problems, which then enabled SBC Homes to bill their tenants. No re-visits were required once hand over was completed.

SBC homes were also able to build trends of usages and compile a picture of site consumption giving SBC Homes an idea of usage and trends and possibly flag up continuous usage faults.

Cost benefits

Tenants were able to be billed fairly and accurately resulting in a cost saving to residents. Additionally, being able to pinpoint usage anomalies allows faults to be identified, saving costs on an ongoing basis.

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