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Hammersmith & Fulham

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Old equipment that needed urgent updating to keep the site running and keeping services online.


Enerza were approached by H&F BC to address some emergency works to care provisions throughout the borough.

There were a number of sites needing urgent works to keep them running reliably. The main issues were that the old boilers and associated equipments  needed to be removed and replaced with new equipment.

The sites are quite old and there were a number of hazards which included asbestos risks that we needed to keep in mind.


The Enerza team surveyed each site to evaluate the works, whilst evaluating the risks involved to ensure safety and quality standards are met.

Due to the vulnerable residents, it was even more paramount that they are not inconvenienced throughout the works. Therefore, temporary boilers and other provisions were made to ensure supply interruptions did not happen.

We organized various tasks to team members who executed them swiftly, getting all 11 sites up and running within 6 months to ensure operation through the winter period.

H&F were very please with the swift response to the challenge and look to further engage going forward.

Operational benefits

The developments are now running smoothly and reliably. This allows future upgrades for systems such as Optimum, which brings full control and visibilty for H&F.

There is plenty more to do going forward to enhance the development and in turn, save H&F running and operational costs.

Cost benefits

H&F have estimated to have saved ~35k + pa in regards to reduced site visits, less energy use and staff times dealing with complaints.

Wandle Housing – Woodrow Court
Broad Street Mall – Water billing