Genesis HA – Block Level Metering

Genesis HA – Block Level Metering

Problem Solved and great results, now we can bill and have visibility.


Genesis HA (now NHG) is one of the UK’s leading housing associations, owning or managing around 33,000 homes across London and the East of England, with a stock portfolio including a range of properties – from temporary housing to rented homes for sale, as well as supported housing.

Due to a forward-thinking approach by the GHA team strong need for a block-level metering solution across the district and communal energy portfolio was recognised as a requirement to meet regulations, and have remote visibility of energy use of the assets.


GHA had approached Enerza to provide a solution to monitor energy usage on a block-level scale on 12 residential site’s which house thousands of tenants in the UK, the reason for this works to be undertaken was to provide NHG a clear picture of :

1.Energy Usage

2.Flow rates

3.Flow/return temperature’s

4.Temperature difference, instantaneous reads

5.District heat network performance

Using the data collected an in-depth analysis must be possible on the performance of plant room equipment / HIU performance and in troubleshooting potential and current problems with the heat network. This valuable data is then extracted from the multiple sites and is sent to NHG and Enerza where analytical software is used to provide clear information on energy usage/trends across chosen timescales.


GHA were keen to achieve minimal disruption to tenants’ energy supplies during the block level metering project. Enerza advised that this can be achieved with the deployment of non-invasive metering technology which is highly accurate and will provide the data required for non-billing purposes. Enerza installed the data network and data collection devices to all 12 site’s and carried out all configuration required for end to end connectivity. A good result was achieved within the project timescale.

Operational benefits

Some of the benefits of now being able to monitor Block Level energy parameters has been to pinpoint issue’s with the heat network such as :

  1. High Flow/return temperatures
  2. Equipment over use / unnecessary use
  3. Tracking excessive energy usage and implement resolution’s
  4. Reduce reactive maintenance / promote a more proactive maintenance schedule

Action’s to implement the correct resolution and achieve substantial energy cost saving’s for GHA can be achieved more efficiently. An increase in plant life expectancy / reducing breakdowns by avoiding irregular running cycles can be achieved.

Cost benefits

  1. An estimated  20% saving per annum on plant energy usage with the CHP units dynamically satisfying base loads and boilers acting as backup to the chp units. A saving equating to 100k per annum.
  2. An estimated reduction in reactive O&M call outs of up to £30,000 pa.
  3. ROI 3 years


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