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We were approached by First Port property services to look at various issues in regards to plant room control site metering and reading problems, including various reliability issues on the HIU units.

First Port is the UK’s premier property management company with a range of properties including luxury apartments and residential dwellings in their portfolio.


  • There was a range of issues including:
  • Defective HIU units
  • Metering/network issues
  • Site handover protocols which required consultancy
  • Plantroom equipment and control anomalies


Working closely with the client and tenants in occupied apartments we needed to rectify the immediate challenge faced by First Port. Site survey found :

  • Root cause which seemed to be stemming from the plant room (heat exchanger) up.
  • Investigation found contamination on the secondary side.
  • The main heat exchanger was first rectified and the system flushed.
  • The second stage was to rectify the inefficiencies the remaining HIU units were experiencing which needed pre-booked appointments to gain access.
  • Metering issues were resolved by rectifying poor meter installations and correcting the heat network operation.
  • Additional First Port site which was experiencing difficulties was consulted on by Enerza and resolved by onsite contractor.

Operational benefits

  • HIU units on the first site have now been problem free for over 6 months.
  • Tenant complaints have significantly reduced.
  • The distribution issues have largely been resolved and tenants are now receiving heat through the district heat system.
  • Control anomalies have been largely resolved.

Cost benefits

Now that the metering network is performing as expected, tenants are being billed accurately and on time. Consequently, First Port is able to collect expected energy revenues.

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