Broad Street Mall

Broad Street Mall

Problem Solved and great results, now we can bill and have visibility.


Broad Street Mall needed a reliable water metering solution for their commercial tenants.


Broad Street Mall is a midsized mall which holds a number of popular shops. The client approached Enerza to find a solution to install and read water meters for all the shops in the mall.

The mall is quite old and the meters needed to be installed in the service road area. This presented a few risks in regards to access at high levels, along with the risk of high-level dust and moving traffic.


Safety first!

We identified that there were a number of risk in our RAMS. Therefore, we had to address the issue with signage for traffic and vehicles moving through the service road, and constant daily communication with the onsite staff on movements with toolbox talks, masks, and sealed overalls. These were used as protection from dust, along with extra portable lighting and arranged safe access.

We fitted and commissioned 80 water meters to the ring of the service road. Thus, all shops were now being measured and we setup Enerza optimum to read the meters and send the read automatically to the client for billing. We also took the liberty of building in a leak detection algorithm to spot anomalies in the usage and to flag potential leaks.

For us pinpointing this is not complex, it is just a basic algorithm.

Operational benefits

Tenants can now be billed accordingly and the client is not losing money on paying for the water usage, whilst also providing the added benefit of full visibility.

The options are endless to integrate to almost any system.

Cost benefits

Since the development has had the changes implemented, the site is continuously saving ~30k+ per annum with an approximate payback of less than 2 years.

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