Bedford College

Bedford College

Upon being awarded the tender for Bedford College, we set a plan to install and deliver 120 smart taps throughout all campuses (4) and convert the main tower block to communal HWS services.

From the initial survey, we devised a project plan to deliver the works which included:

– Scheduling times where low use of the campus could be used for Shutdowns to allow isolation and minimize disruption.
– Ensuring H&S was complied with and up-to-date, allowing for flexibility to align with campus usage.
– Weekly synchronized meetings to ensure all was running to plan and on track, plus implementing changes accordingly.

There were some challenges with hidden pipework and obscure electrical supplies. However, by working closely with the client and planning proactively, we were able to easily overcome these obstacles.

The air source HWS solution we delivered consisted of 2 x 9.6 kw units to feed the main tower block. In order to minimize disruption, this was done during the term break.

The primary benefits of using smart taps are;

– Smart taps significantly reduce the spread of bacteria in the wash space.
– The controlled water flow means taps cannot accidently be left on.
– Generate huge water savings, especially when compared to traditional operating taps.

Estimated saving on the water by fitting the smart taps were 52.5 litres per tap x 126 = 6619 litres a day total.

We signed off the project with a very happy client and great result as per the testimonial below, we are always available for after support and look forward to future projects with Bedford college.

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