Ark Bentworth Schools

Ark Bentworth Schools

We engaged with Enerza to provide a full solution to retrofitting plant and controls to the existing school plant room, the system was dated and needed a full re-design with installation. Enerza approached this with a can do, professional stance and delivered on time.


Ark Bentworth schools needed to replace and refit a complete boiler plant room, the existing installation having exceeded its life expectancy.

The current installation had no visibility or sequencing control causing unnecessarily high uses in energy.


The works required a very sensitive approach to ensure minimum disruption to the smooth running of the school. Extra care was needed over shutdown timings and the utmost vigilance was required to continuously check for hazards and prioritise pupil safety.

Careful planning was needed to ensure works were carried out as smoothly as possible, with RAMS in place to adhere to, as access to the plant room was restricted due to the staircase entry point.

There was a need to develop supply chain maintenance programmes with specialist manufacture for on-site control of the gas works which needed modifications from the supply end, as the old pipework was a problem in terms of flow rates to meet gas regulations.

Additionally, modification and improvement in the performance of the primary plant was required as well as upgrading the internal secondary equipment to ensure maximum efficiencies.


The plant room and equipment needed to be fully stripped out and replaced along with new boilers/controls and safety mechanisms.

Plant room metering was not feasible on this site but was offered as an option to the client as it can be monitored by gas supply due to the nature of the installation.

Remedial works were also needed in the loft area of the site to strip out the old water tanks, as the hot water was being converted to a directly fed system.

After the initial survey we were able to start the procurement and design process, followed by the installation stage which consisted of:

  • Stripping out the old equipment
  • Making good of any building fabric
  • Installation of pipeworks
  • Installation of pumping systems
  • Installation of control panel and electrical/control & safety circuits
  • Testing of systems and controls
  • Handover

Operational benefits

The new plant room has been supplying heat and HWS reliably and efficiently.

Other forms of renewables have been suggested such as solar and a wind turbine for future installation.

The plant room itself is now a clean safe environment with all safety signage & access in place to meet regulations, the client also has full visibility of the plant room and can monitor /trend performance if needed.

Cost benefits

The system’s efficiency has delivered a reduction in the school’s energy consumption and hence cost.

The estimated saving with correct control and condensing boilers is around the £10000 per annum and less o&m costs with correct PPM maintenance.

The introduction of our recommendation for renewable would further reduce Ark Bentworth’s energy costs.

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