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Challenge Rectified


The existing system was very old but functional. First priority was a health and safety audit/inspection to evaluate risks including access and any potential asbestos hazard.

Due to the stages being in constant use, a very close working relationship needed to be formed with the client in order to prevent costly delays and inconvenience to Pinewood.

The system to be implemented needed to follow the existing metering strategy which Pinewood already had in place which was pulse outputs to an existing radio network.

A significant amount of pipework modification/fabrication was needed to deliver the solution.

The AHU units were very old and were installed with multiple 6 & 8 branch manifolds which meant having to drain the network and cut back the manifolds to allow the correct distancing before the ultrasonic heat meters , this required extensive welding and fabrication works.

Operational Benefits


Since the solution was delivered Pinewood Studios has been able to accurately bill their studio tenants for the heat energy usage. Also, due to the functionality of the Kamstrup 602 meters, temperatures and flow rates can now be monitored to diagnose any potential district heating system issues.

Cost Benefits


Substantial income recovered and overheads recovery through precise billing.


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