The Ultimate Site Care System.

Enerza Optimum Ultimate site care system

Optimum is one of our flagship services. It is both a traditional Building Management System (BMS) and a standout Building Energy Management Solution (BEMS).

It is the ultimate control & site care system, enabling you to take control of your energy centre, plant rooms, and the entire network, allowing for full alarming to various locations. Convenient features are included such as integration to access control, fire systems, CCTV, lifts, and more…

With over 30 years experience of in developing BEMS for the housing sector, we have custom-built Optimum to give you greater control and help you achieve significant savings.

Metering is critical for knowing the performance and energy status of any development, therefore we can integrate with many metering installations from commercial to domestic especially on district schemes, and intuitively display on one system.

Developed in house by the Enerza team, Optimum BMS “site care system” was made with a goal of “virtual vision” giving you a 360 degree view of all of your assets. Optimum seamlessly integrates developments to bring all services into one dashboard that can be remotely viewed and on any device.

There are many Optimum BEMS engineer views, allowing engineers to drill down into equipment remotely.

Optimum Building and Energy Management Panel View

Would You Like to Find Out:-

  • If your plant is operating efficiently?
  • Status of your tenants supply?
  • Why your energy bill is so high?
  • What is your carbon footprint?
  • What is the status of our auxiliaries such as lifts, alarms, can we tap into the CCTV ?
  • Are O&M providers carrying out servicing correctly?

The Optimum BEMS 

Have 360 degree virtual vision, constant optimisation and control of all your systems.


Pinpoint anomalies in metering and possible faults with HIU’s with energy center asset control, with average savings of 30% sometimes more!


The Enerza analytics portal is compatible with all major controls solutions found on site (BMS controllers, metering systems, 3rd party databases).
You can monitor auxiliary services such as lifts, alarms, access etc.


As part of the solution the Enerza Team will provide backend maintenance and updates to the all inclusive system.


The Optimum system puts you in complete control. So if you want to change supplier, either you or Enerza can disable the logins and set up another provider.


The Dashboard & Analytics Portal runs on the secure cloud servers.
Two backup servers are always available as a fall back.


GEO map every site with R.A.G (Red, Amber, Green) rated icons to see statuses at a glance! Automatically email alerts with details of alarms in the message.


The Enerza analytics portal gives you the ability to export collected data to produce reports or to send it directly to other databases.


Dashboard views for all of your sites in one place, from detailed drilled down reports and alerts for engineers to overview reports for C-Suite executives.

Optimum Integrations

To save cost and maximise convenience we integrate into many leading Building Management Systems.

BEMS Integrations with Leading Suppliers Logos
Optimum on ipad with female engineer

Optimum Building Management system gives you “virtual vision” This means you have full visibility of your assets. Optimum ensures constant optimisation and control.

Optimum is a game changer, this is not just a data analytics and display system!

This is a full site care solution allowing you to see all of your assets on one mapped view, where you can drill down into individual components and even diagnose potential faults all without leaving your office. 

Enerza helps you achieve 100% uptime after implementing our solutions along with our O&M service. 

Enerza has 30 years experience in this field. We understand all the technologies from mechanicals to systems and the result is we are 100% confident we will bring value and efficiencies to your organisation.

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