The ultimate control & site care system.

The ultimate control & site care system, which allows you to take control of your energy centre, plant rooms and the entire network, allowing for full alarming to various locations. Includes convenient features such as integration to Access control, Fire systems, CCTV, lifts and more…

Developed in house by the Enerza team, Optimum was made with a goal of “virtual vision” to seamlessly integrate developments to bring all services onsite online, visible, and transparent with the ability to be remotely viewed and on any device.

One of many engineer views, allowing engineers to drill down into equipment remotely.

One of many client views, see all of your assets in one place and receive automated reports and alarms.


Optimum has many features for the client and more


The Enerza analytics portal is compatible with all major controls solutions found on site (BMS controllers, metering systems, 3rd party databases).
You can Monitor auxiliary services such as Lifts, alarms, access etc…


As part of the solution the Enerza Team will provide backend maintenance and updates to the all inclusive system.


The Optimum system puts you in complete control. So if you want to change supplier, either you or Enerza can disable the logins and set up another provider.


The Dashboard & Analytics Portal will run on the Enerza cloud servers.
In case of any failure, there will be at least two backup servers that the system will automatically switch over to.


The Enerza analytics portal gives you the ability to export collected data to produce reports or to send it directly to other databases.

Geo map all of your developments

View them on one mapped display with R.A.G (Red, Amber, Green) rated icons to see statuses at a glance!