Operation and Maintenance

At Enerza we believe operation & maintenance is central to any development and the approach should be holistic with a constant drive to increase efficiencies.

Operation and Maintenance

Operation & maintenance is more than servicing equipment.
We can combine our mechanical expertise with our Optimum building management system. This combination allows full visibility of all your mechanical, HVAC and electrical systems.

Combining our O&M services with our technology delivers lasting results.

Having full visibility of your assets means you can optimise your systems.

This results in;

  • considerable savings in energy costs
  • reduction in reactive works
  • fewer complaints and improved customer satisfaction
  • Increase equipment life

We will also tell you the best ways to reduce carbon using a variety or renewable solutions

We take care of all investigational works and rectification. Making your development work in the most efficient way.

Leave it to us !

Energy Management diagram

We will as standard suggest improvements using renewables as one of our core values is to reduce carbon.

Your site might qualify for our Optimum platform completely Free of Charge!

If you have a large project and we are tasked with taking care of your operation & maintenance the optimum platform is FREE of charge for the duration of the contract, and don’t worry you are not tied into closed protocols we keep everything open as we know our clients stay with us because we supply a good service. 

With Optimum we have all of your reporting needs covered. Everything we do is digital so not only will you have up to the minute reports automatically sent to you, you will also have the full control the Optimum system provides to put you firmly in the driving seat.

Ready to make quick positive change?

Operation & Maintenance Specialists

We specialise in site rectification and optimisation of district and communal systems.

We can provide & install:

Digital HIU units which are the most efficient on the market

Mechanical HIU units (if required by the client)

Network balancing

Fault rectification


New installation, complete design and new build

Operation & Maintenance to reduce reactive works & keep efficiencies on track

Domestic gas boilers and ASHP

Repairs and maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance

Technology and expertise coming together to give you peace of mind, achieve high uptime and lower opex.

Enerza Asset Finance

Is capex cost a problem ? do you need works carried out but finances are a hurdle?

Not to worry !! We can help with project financing to get you up and running

We Do More

Problems with block management?
Let us take the management pain away from you. If you have multiple HIU servicing, we can contact the residents, book the appointments and even send the certification to the resident or block managers.

Retrofit Works

It can be frustrating when developments are constantly having the same issues day in day out, having to deal with the same complaints and same faults with high energy usage and feeling stuck in ad endless cycle of firefighting where nothing seems to be getting resolved.

At Enerza we resolve this with our ethos and approach using logical thinking and with our expertise, we can resolve your problems and give you piece of mind with the results you will experience. We love seeing problems resolved and clients able to focus on the important work they need to do.

We can survey and advise

Rectify the mechanicals

Use our technology (such as Optimum) to collect and analyse performance data

We can then start the process of optimising to bring maximum efficiencies to the development

Save capital, achieve high uptime, reduce complaints and deliver social value


At Enerza we are always looking to the future creating new and better ways of doing things. Sometimes there are solutions required that need some bespoke development.

This is where Enerza can help

With our team of R&D experts, we can look to deliver the best solutions to solve and optimize the problem. We are always happy to discuss ways we can help through innovation & holistic thinking.

Renewable Solutions

The future without a doubt is in renewable technologies and the world needs to move in this direction as quickly as possible. However, at the same time we cannot be too hasty and fit technologies without rationally thinking about the best solution for the particular developments.

At Enerza we are always looking forward to new technologies such as cutting edge battery storage and communal air source systems, and of course, it goes without saying, our solutions will come as standard with correct control and full visibility.