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Challenge Rectified

  1. Retrofit two apartments from electric storage heating and connect them to the wet system district network.

  2. Monitor and establish all errors in metering/billing system in relation to cost v revenue.

  3. Retrofit the BMS from a basic on/off to, a remotely monitored and controlled system, interfacing with clients existing BMS module at their head offices.

  4. Develop supply chain maintenance program with specialist manufacturer for the on-site renewable equipment. 

  5. Modify and improve performance of the primary plant and upgrade the internal secondary equipment to produce maximum efficiencies.

Operational Benefits


The installation modifications enabled better use of the space, the pipework modification corrected the network balance, and the BMS intelligent controllers provided efficiency savings of 40% on gas use v heat production.

Monitoring and metering of  energy production against actual energy use has allowed the client to adjust their standing charge permitting the small network losses to be covered.


Maintainable sections of the network previously in the tenants loft space were all moved to allow for external access.


By implementing contracts with our supply partners we have ensured a continued performance warranty with the client and have improved the client’s reputation with their tenants.

Cost Benefits


Substantial income and overheads recovery through precise metering, billing and proactive management.


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