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Challenge Rectified

Genesis approached Enerza Solutions to investigate and remedy a serious problem in regard to high return temperatures at the Stratford Halo site.

The challenge was to locate and remedy the weak points in the system which were letting by effectively causing the high return temps resulting in potential fines from the energy supplier, and to provide and install automated, remote, meter-reading and a site monitoring system for data analysis.

Operational Benefits


Being able to monitor and control the site to pinpoint alarms and site failures, achieve steady running cycles and increase plant life expectancy/reducing breakdowns by avoiding irregular running cycle.


Visualisation of the entire site and any alarms and issues from anywhere, also assisted with email alarms sent on activation.

Cost Benefits


The ability to retrieve meter readings and bill the tenants accurately at a value of approximately, £800 per tenant, per annum, over 750 apartments = a billing income of £600K per annum.

Dropping the return temperature by 10 degrees to the supplier Engie, eliminating potentially big fines in excess of £25K.

Relieving system stresses, decreasing maintenance and replacement costs.


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