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GENESIS Multi Site Metering


Challenge Rectified

We were approached by Genesis Housing Association regarding multiple system and metering issues they were experiencing across the portfolio.

In particular, 10 sites composed of a combined 2,176 apartments across London, had no solution in place to read their onsite energy meters.  Through this, GHA were unable to either bill the tenants or obtain the site energy consumption figures. 


Working in partnership with GHA to map out the solutions needed, we instructed our highly skilled team, together and benefiting from our very close relationship with Kamstrup, we were able to deliver a reliable solution.

Operational Benefits


Enerza has provided the solutions and tools which enabled GHA to bill tenants across a number of sites and fundamentally, raise the income required to pay for their energy consumption.  With accuracy and reliability, Enerza delivered services which have been of great economic benefit to both GHA and their residents.

Cost Benefits

Substantial income and overheads recovered through precise metering and billing, by means of the installation of a centralised metering system.


The auxiliary benefits of consumption monitoring provide GHB with full control of consumption and billing, resulting in effective ongoing and future cost recovery and budgeting.


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