Connected Systems

As I am sure you will agree, technology is moving at a lightning pace and the more technology advances, the shorter the rate of change becomes – Exciting times!

Now, before we become like “Borg from Star Trek”, I would like to talk about connected systems.

What am I talking about?

Firstly, it boils down to how we think. Looking at the bigger picture and responding to client needs and visions. For example, we developed the Optimum system to allow site control and remote virtual vision for all types of developments, whilst also allowing tenants to be connected through the Quantum system (our smart home hub).

Now comes the connected system part. By connecting these two systems together, we now have a full holistic scalable and adaptable solution based on modular design which in turn, allows for future additions to keep with the times.

We would really love to hear your views and visions as we head very quickly into the  technological future, please feel free to reach out at or call 01582 797030

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