Credit Billing Services

At Enerza we understand that not all clients have the same needs. So we provide a safe and convenient comprehensive billing service.

Enerza Credit Billing Services

Because we understand that not all clients have the same needs, Enerza also provides a credit billing service.

We automatically take meter readings from the site and feed them into the credit billing system.

This means billing is fast, transparent, efficient and accurate.

Enerza credit billing is very versatile and allows billing of all utilities, heating and hot water.

Enerza credit billing is so versatile it can be used to bill for other rechargeables such as waste services or rentals.

Our payment systems and easy to use customer account portals puts residents in full control.

At Enerza we are passionate about technology.

All our products provide solutions to help our customers gain full visibility and control of their assets. Delivering reliable results and ensuring compliance.

credit billing services

Credit Billing Services

Our comprehensive, affordable credit billing service allows easy billing with essential features such as:

E.Billing and full auditing with online payments

End user online accounts to allow end users to track bills and energy usage

Full reporting

Full credit billing and payments handling

Bills are generated for the client & client then bills tenants & collect payments

Software cloud based service where the system is used to create in house billing for the client to bill tenants

Compliance with billing and metering regulations can also be accompanied with our meter management contracts.

Would you like to know more about our credit billing services?

Our dedicated team will be happy to explain more about our approach.