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Challenge Rectified

Ark Bentworth School needed a complete boiler plant room replacement and refit, the existing installation having exceeded its life expectancy.

The installation had no visibility or sequencing control causing unnecessarily high energy consumption.

It also required the development of supply-chain maintenance programmes with specialist manufactures, for on-site control of the gas works which needed modifications from the supply end.

Additionally, modification and improvement in the performance of the primary plant was required, together with an upgrade of the internal secondary equipment, ensuring maximum efficiencies.


Operational benefits

The new plant room has been supplying heat and HWS reliably and efficiently.

The plant room itself is noow a clean safe environment with all safety signage & access in place to meet regulations, the client also has full visibility of the plant room and can monitor/trend performance if needed.

Other forms of renewables have been suggested such as solar and a wind turbine for future installation.


Cost benefits

The system’s efficiency has delivered a reduction in the school’s energy consumption and hence cost.

The estimated saving with correct control and condensing boilers is approximately £10,000 per annum, and the correct PPM maintenance reduces overall O&M costs.

With the introduction of our recommendation for renewable energy, Ark Bentworth’s energy costs would further reduce significantly.


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