About US

At Enerza we are always looking to the future, creating new and better ways of doing things. Our aim is to help you save on costs and make your job easier.

Enerza Solutions

End to End Property Tech Solutions for Housing Associations, Local Authorities and the Facilities Management Sector.

Enerza are a unique service provider who are passionate about technology. We innovate & develop our own systems in house such as the Optimum & Quantum systems.

Our vision is to change the industry for the better with fully harmonised systems where assets can be viewed remotely with confidence ,where clients can be fully informed with the touch of a button in regards to any issue, energy conservation, carbon footprint , costs and much more !! we want and can deliver value through our offering where clients who have property assets to manage can experience the costs saving and benefits which can be 30% or more !!

We have a strong history and extensive knowledge with all types of heating and cooling systems including district and communal systems and we are constantly developing integrations to many types of new green systems and renewable technologies.

The future and green technologies is where we and the world is heading and we are looking and integrating with many systems from Air source ,Solar PV , battery storage, and many more !! , we fuse expert mechanical services with technologies to make your asset work in the most efficient possible way but addressing problems from boilers & plant rooms to Heat interface units to deliver one seamless holistic solution.

Coupled together with our seamless O&M 

We work with clients ranging from local Authorities, Housing Associations to commercial and domestic dwellings.

We can do this because we are modular in our approach and system design as we fully understand and appreciate that one size does not fit all and all client needs are different.

Whether you need mechanical solution or technological remedies to bring full visibility and control of your assets, or even cutting-edge prepayment and tenant energy management systems, Enerza can help.

Our Core Values


We believe in delivering solutions to give full transparency for our clients, we take great pride in what we do and always look to develop lasting relationships, we do not believe in “locking in” clients through systems therefore none of our solutions or systems are closed protocol as we believe clients should stay with us because we offer a good service & we deliver results !!


We are firmly committed to reducing carbon and we are constantly looking at the latest technologies and integrations to help us all to work together and achieve the goal to reduce carbon as I believe we owe it to our planet and ourselves to be better in reducing carbon and increasing efficiencies.


We look to tailor our offering to client needs , we do not believe in the one size fits all approach as we know all client needs & challenges are different which is why our systems are modular to allow for adaptation, making future compatibility more realistic.

Having problems with existing systems?

If you are looking to introduce more efficient technologies, then contact us. Our engineers will be happy to learn more and explain our approach.

Enerza Leadership Team

Shaz Mirza

Shahid Mirza

Rey Quraishi

Rey Quraishi

Head of Business Development

Mechanical and R&D Team

Our capability ranges from the assembly of complete district heating and CHP stations to the implementation of network and BMS controls, as well as metering and AMR. We aim to provide reliable, robust solutions with solid connectivity, also applicable to radio based systems such as wmbus, mesh and wifi.

All our team members are qualified engineers  and have worked together for a number of years for other organisations, our focus is on working with our clients to recommend and install the most practical, efficient and cost-effective package for each project. This can include consolidation and integration of existing systems, as well as specifying bespoke equipment to meet the demands of particularly challenging projects.

Our Clients and Projects Include:

  • Refurbishment Projects
  • Social Housing
  • Private Developments
  • Housing Associations
  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Developers
  • Mechanical & Electrical Consultants
  • Managing Agents
  • Utility Companies