Welcome To The Future.

At Enerza we are always looking to the future, creating new and better ways of doing things.

My vision has always been to make a positive change for end-to-end property Tech solutions. Efficiency, knowledge, and a passion for innovation. Our aim is always about saving costs & making your lives easier which is the driving force behind Enerza.

Our passion is changing the industry for the better through holistic approaches and applying optimal solutions for the Facilities Management sector.

Our key focus is giving clients and tenants full control over their assets. To achieve this, we have assembled a very experienced team that shares the core values of Enerza.

Through the successful projects we have undertaken, Enerza is continuously developing holistic fusion between mechanical and technological systems for the future.

Shahid Mirza

Enerza Solutions

A forward thinking company with our sights always set on the future.

Enerza consists of financial, R&D, Systems & Mechanical teams with a combined experience of over 100 years in relation to communal, district systems and varied controls.

We take pride in our works and the services we deliver. We take great pleasure in solving client problems and meeting the required needs allowing you to focus on what you need to.

Enerza provide End to End Facilities Management with Property-Tech innovation and provision.

To find out more or just to have an exploratory conversation please, get in touch.

Enerza Core Team

Founder / CEO

Business Development

R&D / Systems Team

Mechanical Team

Financial / Back Office Team