Enerza Optimum 

Optimum is the complete site care system that provides excellent benefits for anyone working with properties in the built environment, we can cater for many types of building from schools to office blocks, residential and more...

Take a look at the exciting features below, and take the step to smooth running proactively managed developments. !!

Light Bulbs

Save Energy and Reduce Carbon

With Optimum, we can find site issues and rectify issues to allow full control and automatic optimisation through site data, there is no need to worry about how sites are performing as Optimum will report to you when and how you want.

Image by Vlado Paunovic

Modular By Design

We work with you to build the Optimum solution to your needs, add remove or invent something new it is all possible!

We do not believe in locking down systems either, as we believe clients should stay with us because they are happy with our service.

Image by Vlado Paunovic
Image by Vlado Paunovic

View all of your sites on one platform

With RAG Rated icons you can see live statuses of all your developments on one platform with site document storage per development, get a visual of your portfolio in seconds!

Image by Jeremy Bezanger



See the statuses of your lifts and live feed in to know what is happening in real-time!

Stay informed and alerted 

SPot LEaks

Be alerted to Leaks early and be alerted early, and avoid potential expensive water damage repairs.

Save time

Save time in managing your sites reduce complaints from residents and achieve steady-state harmonious running & start moving into proactive asset management with Enerza. 


Connect to many sensors to allow for accurate targeted data, form asset heat mapping, lighting control, plant room access, lone working L8 detection and many many more.....