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The complete site care system



Built in-house by the Enerza team the Optimum system is the ultimate full site care system, with the ability to interface into many site systems such as BMS, CCTV, alarms, leaks, IOT sensors, lone working and more.....The Optimum system allows clients to start working proactively and knowing the state of their assets at any time. With auto reports and fully modular design, Optimum is your 24hr digital caretaker.



Enerza was founded with a vision to offer complete end-to-end solutions to clients and end-users while striving to make a positive impact.

The company's founders possessed a deep understanding of prototyping and innovation, which motivated them to create a company that could drive positive change in the industry. With a focus on modern technology and energy-saving systems, Enerza has developed fully integrated systems and methods that prioritize sustainability and efficiency.

The company's passion for innovation and ingenuity has allowed it to create a holistic approach to solving complex problems in the industry.

Enerza About Teamwork



Our team at Enerza has an extensive engineering background, with years of experience in industrial controls and various systems for the built environment. Our expertise ranges from systems with a capacity of 30kW to 6MW, showcasing our diverse skill set. With a combined experience of over 100 years, our team has a wealth of knowledge and advanced skills to offer our clients.



 At Enerza, we specialize in multiple types of systems for the built environment, catering to a wide range of building types. Our services include control and rectification, as well as new installations for many HVAC/mechanical systems. We also offer innovative technologies that provide a combined and fully visible service to our clients. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the unique needs of each building and maximize efficiency and sustainability.


Our mission is to make developments work using our extensive knowledge, expertise, and our strong passion for innovation.

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