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What we do and why

Enerza started with the vision of providing the full “End-to-End” solution for all clients & end-users and a passion for making a positive change. Prototyping knowledge and a flair for innovation was the drive for Enerza to be founded.

Our passion for changing the industry for the better with innovation, imagination & ingenuity whilst understanding how to apply modern technological solutions allowed us to develop our fully holistic systems and methods.

Coming from an extensive engineering background for many years, ranging from industrial controls and various systems for the built environment ranging from 30Kw to 6Mw, our team has a very advanced combined knowledge base with experience spanning over 100 years.

We specialise in multiple types of systems for the built environment catering for all types of buildings.

We provide control and rectification as well as new installations for many HVAC/mechanical systems and innovative technologies to provide a combined and fully visible service.

Our mission is to make developments work using our extensive knowledge, expertise, and our strong passion for innovation

Crane Construction
Heat Pump Service

Mechanical Services & Systems

We have extensive experience with a range of site systems from HVAC systems for large and small developments, we have a track record in rectifying problem sites to make them perform efficiently & holistically reducing downtime ,reducing energy and extending equipment life.

We can also provide a proactive O&M service due to our expertise and extensive knowledge and experience with various technologies.

Metering & Billing

We also design supply and fit mechanical systems up to the end-users including many types of metering systems with credit billing services and debt collection

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Enerza Optimum

The complete site care system

Built in-house by the Enerza team the Optimum system is the ultimate full site care system, with the ability to interface into many site systems such as BMS,CCTV. alarms, leaks, IOT sensors, lone working and more.....
The Optimum system allows clients to start working proactively and knowing the state of their assets at any time.
With auto reports and fully modular design, Optimum is your 24hr digital caretaker


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