Smart Metering

Enerza offers a wide range of smart metering solutions for gas, electrical, heat & steam applications. We also have options for prepayment metering solutions.

Remote Meter Reading

Enerza’s remote reading systems are based on simplicity. By mounting or retrofitting a communication module in an electricity, heat, gas or water meter it is possible to upgrade one single installation or an entire meter installation quickly and easily for remote reading.

For reading via modem, M-Bus or LON-Works, Wmbus, MBUS, one single module is inserted into the meter. An even simpler solution is available via wireless reading of a radio module.

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

There are many and significant advantages for utilities in automating meter reading of consumption. The advantages are based on correct system implementation and in accordance with existing procedures and processes of the utility. Consequently, our systems are constructed on well-known, tested standard components which can be combined to cover your needs.

Manual Reading

Manual reading should also be a simple process. Simple handling, accurate reading and correct data transmission are all necessary. Our clients can access Enerza’s manual reading app, which will assist in meter reading collation and can also be expanded to include billing. Please note that existing meters and networks installed by others will require a survey to gauge the potential.

Smart metering