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Our services are designed to increase energy efficiency and save you money.


A revolutionary smart home hub, that allows users to control heating and pre-pay with credit billing, together with an option for local card payment.

Other options include:

  • Leak detection
  • Mobile App
  • Full Heating control
  • Zone control
  • 2-way messaging
  • Meter reading
  • Energy display
  • Full OTA updates.

Other features are in the pipeline to allow Quantum to cater for other sectors.

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Optimum is a remote visual monitoring system,that helps you take control of your energy centre infrastructure. You can monitor the status and performance of your assets

  • Monitor assets from one holistic dashboard
  • Auto-report on your usage and the status of your carbon footprint
  • Track faults and performance to meet KPI’s
  • Connect to auxiliaries such as alarms, CCTV, lifts and access control.
  • Interface with existing BMS systems, to allow full control & analytics.
  • Viewable from mobile devices with full alerts, allowing engineers on the road to achieve full visibilty and respond quickly to faults.

You can control and optimise even further with Enerza’s team expertise on the inner workings of different schemes.

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We provide metering solutions that cater for a variety of client needs that operate on open protocols in line with OMS standards , as we do not believe in locked protocols to tie clients down to one supplier.

  • Electricity metering
  • Heat metering
  • Cooling metering
  • Gas metering
  • Water metering

Meter Management Contracts

Our meter management contracts look after your metering stock to ensure reads are constant.

All meter types can be read remotely and readings sent to requested locations. This also covers:

  • Rectification and management of existing systems
  • Fault pinpointing.
  • Meter replacement and repair

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A comprehensive credit billing solution that includes:

  • E-Billing and full auditing with easy online payments
  • Customer online account for energy tracking and bill payment.
  • End-user online accounts to allow users to track bills and energy usage
  • Full reporting for clients to keep track of tenant debts and payment which is part of the reconciliation process
  • Option 1: Full credit billing and payments administration.
  • Option 2: Cloud-based service where the system is used to create in-house billing for the client to bill tenants.

Compliance with billing and metering regulations that can be accompanied with our meter management contracts.

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Sites with high energy usage and reliability issues suffer from the reduced life expectancy of equipment and an increase in complaint handling.

As an experienced team with a background in complex DH schemes and site rectification, our Retro-Fit Works service covers:

  • Site survey and advice
  • Rectification of the mechanicals and Full controls optimisation
  • Installation of technology (such as Optimum) to collect and analyse performance data

We can then start the process of optimisation to bring maximum efficiencies to the development.

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Operation and maintenance are critical to the future performance and reliability of any plant or asset

Our expertise in this area makes sites reliable and efficient. This automatically reduces any reactive work that is costly and time-consuming.

  • Benefit from assets continually operating correctly
  • Experience a lowering of total consumption levels
  • Enjoy trouble-free operations and increased longevity of your assets

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We have a depth of experience at implementing new installations. Whether it is a design, refit or a new build, you’ll find engineers always live up to our ethos of ‘doing things right’. It flows through everything we do.

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Enerza works with various finance partners to assist clients with the financing of a project. This allows you to avoid any large upfront capital expenditure that may impact on cash-flow.

Step 1: Complete the online application via the link below & we can arrange a time to discuss your project and financial needs.

Step 2: Allow us to understand what you are looking to achieve and provide appropriate advice.

Step 3. Upon successful application, receive the funds and progress with your project.

Enerza Finance is designed to give you peace of mind so you can:

  • Deliver results and experience savings
  • Spread the cost over a flexible term
  • Attain working reliable solutions
  • Achieve long lasting results and increase equipment life
  • Reduce complaints.

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