Core Team

Shahid Mirza – CEO

I’m the founder of Enerza solutions which started out as a provider of specialist consultancy in DH systems, Control and IT for clients such as E.ON, GHA and BBESL.

With my passion for new ideas and innovation, I have designed and implemented
numerous systems such as BMS ,Metering & bespoke solutions This includes building new product prototypes to bring to market.

I have an in-depth knowledge of district/communal energy coupled with a varied engineering background which includes metering and BMS/PLC technologies, I have a flair for innovation and always look at new and better ways of doing things

I find New challenges very exiting which tend to give me the chance to think radically when it comes to solving a client’s needs with new concepts and approaches


Rey Quraishi – Head of Business Development

A dynamic, results orientated Business development Manager with over 10 years experience. I have managed clients across APAC ranging from Vietnam, Singapore and Australia. The total business value of client projects i have managed is over £10,000,000.

I have also conducted company/conference workshops and presentations on communication and client management.

I am experienced in using Agile methodologies such as SCRUM. I am also comfortable in using JIRA for project reporting, Agile boards and project management tools including timesheet analysis, Asana and Trello.


Elaine Smetham – Office Manager

I’m involved in implementing process and change to drive positive outcomes and enable growth.

It’s a diverse job, one that allows me to use my experience in finance and commerce. I enjoy seeing how implementation and innovation helps clients solve their problems and make a real impact on the industry we serve.


Geoff Reed – Project Manager

My background is in commercial and district energy where I was fortunate to work with Shaz for many years implementing successful projects for WBC.

I find it really rewarding to apply my skills and knowledge to the delivery of projects at Enerza solutions, especially when we are able to use technology and innovation to bring about correct and long-lasting change.

Tony Wright – Senior Heating Engineer

Every Enerza project is different and challenging.

I get great job satisfaction in seeing how the incredible solutions we’ve developed are resolving industry problems. Holistic thinking is at the heart of what we do, driven by Shaz’s creativity & innovation.

The Enerza future looks bright and I am keen to a part of it.

Extended Team:

The extended team consists of 30 specialist people which consist of admin/sales, BMS engineers,Welders & fabricators,heating engineers and a very skilled R&D team who speciliase in Electronic design and various cutting edge software disciplines.