Balfour Beatty


Balfour Beatty needed a holistic solution to multiple metering & system issues within a prestigious build in the central London area, Known as the zig zag buildings.

“Enerza has performed exceptionally, identifying issues and providing the required resolutions, also going above and beyond their remit and resolving other issues with the EMS system.
We have tried a number of companies to solve our metering issues but to no avail. Enerza not only provided the perfect solution – they made it look easy in the process.”
Balfour Beatty


Problems had started when the acceptance testing phase had begun, many issues had arisen and the contracted suppliers were struggling to deliver workable solutions.
Balfour Beatty’s client was starting to apply pressure which could have incurred significant financial penalties.

Balfour had invited an assessment from Kamstrup who visited the site and recommended Enerza to rectify the issues as we are an approved systems integrator for Kamstrup. We were then contacted by Balfour to visit site for a meeting.

At that first meeting we decided to survey the site and it became very apparent that there were multiple issues which had accumulated to cause a complete system malfunction and inaccuracy.

The problems were:

  • System pipework incorrectly labelled showing district heating directions incorrectly
  • This resulted in heat meters being fitted the wrong way causing incorrect/inaccurate operation
  • The portable and other water service meters were of poor design and quality which in turn was causing many leaks and failures
  • The meter reading system software suffered from a range of programming issues

Using our expertise in this field, we set about logically tackling the challenge, working closely with the customer and their client. Due to the many suppliers onsite, this had become a delicate political situation, requiring a highly tactful approach.


It was imperative that we worked with the building mangers/client & main contractor to arrange access for inspection and remedy.

  • Replacement of all 176 faulty water meters.
  • Rectification of the network issues where data was not being reliably transmitted by the 176 heat metering and cooling networks.
  • Working on the head end to control/reading system to process data correctly.
  • Going through the acceptance testing procedure with Land Securities.
  • Achieving sign off for our client.

Operational benefits

The site had become fit for the acceptance testing and sign off phase, which it passed.

Cost benefits

Incalculable, penalties been instigated settlement could have run into millions.

Woking Council

Civic Offices

Upgrade of district cooling network

Woking Council

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